Redstor 10GB Backup Storage


  • 10GB Backup Storage

Redstor 30GB Backup Storage


  • 30GB Enterprise Disk Space

Redstor 50GB Backup Storage


  • 50GB Enterprise Disk Space

Redstor 100GB Backup Storage


  • 100GB Enterprise Disk Space

Redstor 200GB Backup Storage


  • 200GB Enterprise Disk Space

Redstor 250GB Reseller Backups


  • 250GB Enterprise Disk Space
  • Storage Platform Access

Redstor 500GB Backup Storage


  • 500GB Enterprise Disk Space

Redstor 1000GB Backup Storage


  • 1000GB Enterprise Disk Space

Included With Every Plan

  • Backup all of your important data on all of your devices to our secure network
  • Unlimited devices with no user license fees
  • Data storage is shared by your entire business, you don't need separate accounts for each person
  • Data is backed up securely to our private cloud at our datacentre in Samrand, Johannesburg
  • All data is backed up to RAID1 storage and mirrored to a secondary RAID1 mirror server
  • Data is encrypted end-to-end ensuring your data security at all times
  • Supports Windows, Linux and macOS operating system
  • Cloud boot enables access to your data wherever you go
  • Backup any desktop and server
  • Restore data from any of the last 30 days with monthly rollovers for 6 months
  • Free setup and installation over Teamviewer